Diversified Summer Meat CSA

June thru November (6 month share)


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All spring, summer, and fall we rotationally graze our livestock on diverse lush pastures of grasses, legumes, and forbs. Our Heritage Breed cattle are 100% grass fed. Our Heritage Breed Red Wattle Pigs, and Black Broiler Chickens are raised on pasture and fed local whey, organically grown corn, wheat, rye, oats, and soybeans, pumpkins and kelp, homegrown hay and pasture, kale, apples, turnips, and acorn and hickory nuts from our trees in the fall.

ON-FARM PICKUPS ARE THE FIRST WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH FROM 3-6 AND MEMBERS CHOOSE  THE TYPES AND CUTS OF MEAT THEY WOULD LIKE. For this summer share we’ll have chicken available starting in early July, ample Pork available for the full share, and limited beef cuts available for the full share (future shares will have ample beef as well, but for this summer share we will have limited beef)


  • Small share is $300, 5 lbs of meat per month

  • Medium share is $600, 10 lbs of meat per month

  • Large share is $900, 15 lbs of meat per month

  • Larger shares available upon request


  • Pay in full when you join

  • Pay half when you join, and the other half in September, mid-way through

Check is the best way to pay, but we do offer online payment. However, FOR ONLINE PAYMENTS THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO COVER THE CARD PROCESSING FEES. Though we are very grateful for the ease and convenience of accepting online payments, the card processing fees add up quickly, especially on big purchases such as CSA shares. The additional fee on top of the share cost is to cover the card processing fee (ranging from $9-$26 depending  on the share size).

If you want to avoid this extra cost, please send us a check in the mail at 5525 Jennings Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Checks made to Whitney Farmstead. Or bring a check to our booth at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, White Lotus Farm Carts or Webster Farmers Market. If you are an existing member, you can drop of payment at the farm. Thank you for being understanding! 

If you plan to send us a check in the mail, drop off at farm (for existing members) or bring payment to one of the farmers markets (Ann Arbor, White Lotus, or Webster), you can give us a heads up by sending us an email here.

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 Contact us at whitneyfarm.mi@gmail.com
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