November 2017

As farmers we are always thinking a few seasons ahead.
For me this means that as winter nears, I start to think about maple syrup season, which usually begins towards the end of February and is my favorite season on the farm. During the past few rainy dreary days I pulled out one of my favorite books called The Maple Sugar Book by Helen and Scott Nearing. The last chapter is called A Life as Well as a Living, and it begins with this quote:

"Agriculture was one of the first employments of mankind; it is one of the most innocent, and, at the same time, the most pleasing and beneficial of any. By its variety, it keeps the mind amused and in spirits; by its exercise and regularity, it conduces to give vigour and health to the body; and in the end, it is productive of every other necessary and convenience of life."
-Thomas Heyward, American Museum, January 1789. 

Farming is a life as well as a living, and Matthew and I are so thankful to be farmers. It is a difficult, but very satisfying and nourishing livelihood. We feel blessed to be caring on the legacy of my family's land, and we could not be doing it without the support of all of you. 

Thank you for caring about where your food comes from, and taking the time to get to know the farmers who produce it. 

Malaika Whitney