What we have currently:

Pastured Red Wattle Pork and 100% Grassfed Beef

                                            Maple Syrup - Farm Cards

                  Icelandic Sheepskins - Fall/Winter Meat CSA Shares

Find a selection of these goods at the Webster Farmers Market (Sundays 12-3), White Lotus Farm Carts (Saturdays 9:30-1:30), the Ann Arbors Farmers Market (Saturday 7-3), and Argus Farm Stop.

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Below are email newsletters we have sent out over the past few years. They are full of fun and interesting tidbits about our farm:

Whitney Farmstead Meat List
Pork - Beef - Chicken

Our Heritage Breed Icelandic Sheep and American Milking Shorthorn Cattle are 100% grass fed and rotationally grazed on diverse perennial pastures. Our Heritage Breed Red Wattle Pigs and Black Broiler Chickens are raised on pasture (always) and fed local whey, bread, and sunflowers, organically grown wheat, rye, oats, corn, pumpkins and kelp, homegrown hay, kale, apples, turnips, and acorn and hickory nuts from our trees. 

Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Callie Bacon, Bacon bits   
Pork Chops, Steaks, Brats, Hot and Sweet Italian Sausage, Breakfast Links
Ground, Ribs, Smoked Hams and Hocks
Organs, Fresh Hocks

Ground, Stew Meat, Brisket
Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin
Other Steaks
Roasts, Soup Bones, Organs
Broth Bones

Whole, Half